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I used the SuperPhoto app to edit this shot of a Protea flower and I am enjoying the patterns created by the app. I can see rows of teeth, plaits and a scalloped edge just for starters. What patterns can you see? Let me know.


This shot of a Stargazer lily was edited in the SuperPhoto app. The anthers on the stamens have become elongated and the center of the flower looks like a citrus fruit sliced in half. I think it’s great to see something familiar from a different perspective as it sparks off ideas for shapes and designs.

I love the simplicity and purity of this image. I edited this shot firstly in the Etchings app and secondly in the SuperPhoto app. The gentle grey borders and the subtle shading created by the faux etching enhance the beauty of one of my favourite flowers.

Have a great weekend.

With love, light, purity and truth.

Sue x

I pixelated this Rose photograph in the SuperPhoto app, followed by the Toon Camera app and finally the Etchings app twice. I really love the graphic quality of the final picture

I edited this shot of a rosebud in the Etchings app followed by the SuperPhoto app and created this stacked spiral.

I love the rich colours of this crumpled looking rose which I have edited in the SuperPhoto app.

Another revisited image of a Stargazer Lily which had been edited with 3 different effects in the SuperPhoto app. I just love the colours and patterns. Hope you do too, let me know.

I edited a shot of a Stargazer Lily with the SuperPhoto app to create this kaleidoscope. I love the flower like quality of the image.

I have used another framing app to enhance the same edited photograph, its called Frametastic. I edited the largest shot with the SuperPhoto app and also the bottom left shot too. The top right is a further editing of the largest picture using the Paper Camera app. I like the fact that you can move the image around inside the chosen layout and it can be enlarged by moving your fingers outwards. The width and colour of the frame is also adjustable.

I was playing with the SuperPhoto app again and I edited a shot of a deep red rose in this alternative colourway. I really like the combination of lavender, rust and turquoise together.

I’m still having fun editing my photographs with the SuperPhoto app, I think this rose looks dreamy and romantic and reminds me of a watercolour painting.

I absolutely adore this photograph. I took the original shot with my iPhone and edited it with the SuperPhoto app. I can’t believe the 3D effect that the app has added to the picture.

I edited this shot of a Stargazer Lily with the SuperPhoto app. I just love the vibrant colours, hope you do to, let me know.

I love the colours in this Butterfly Mosaic. I edited the photo in the SuperPhoto app followed by the Pencil Camera app. I like the way the butterfly almost vanishes in places and the mosaic effect creates a complimentary background.

Oh look it’s another Hydrangea photo! This picture was edited in the SuperPhoto app and I really like the spiral effect which repeats a slice of the photograph. I must try it on other favourite images.

I edited a shot of a Hydrangea in the SuperPhoto app and then brewed it in the Percolator app. I like the tiled effect that the Superphoto app has created.

I edited this shot of hydrangeas in the SuperPhoto app which has lots of effects, backgrounds and textures. Well you know I must like it because it’s my favourite colour!