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Here is my latest brainwave. I have lots of Crystals and I am quite good at remembering their names but sometimes I forget which is which, hence my idea of writing their names and photographing them for posterity. I visited Ann in the Land of Green Ginger Mall  just down the road and purchased these crystals and the Judy Hall book you can see above. Her shop is called The Celtic Path and she has some very beautiful crystals, books and other interesting items. I was very attracted to the Silver Aventurine and funnily enough it helps you if you have vertigo. I’m feeling much better since I went to see Beth last week at Holistic Harmony. She gave me the lovely little piece of Quartz as a present after my Reiki treatment. I can highly recommend her, she is such a lovely person and a very good therapist.

7 February 2012

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I am acquiring quite a collection of hearts, these are carved and decorate my headboard in the bedroom. The black looking crystal in the foreground is in fact a garnet and is a deep dark burgundy colour when held up to the light. A mini mag light is ideal for peering into the depths of your favourite crystals

29 January 2012

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I’d like to introduce you to my favourite crystal. Gordon and I were pottering around the shops in Whitby a couple of years ago when I spotted this treasure. We were on our way back to the car when I asked if we could go back for another look and wonderful man that he is, Gordon bought it for my birthday. It’s traveled all over the place with me and even comes to bed  where it heats up like a hot water bottle. It’s about the size of my hand, polished and each time I look at I see something different.

3 January 2011

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This is how the windowsill in my studio now looks. We had a new roof last year, must have been June as it was hot and I had to have the window open…. anyway as I am such a rubbish housekeeper I hadn’t yet addressed the fine dust and bits of slate that had settled in a fine patina over all my crystals. So, this evening whilst accompanied by the lovely Lisa I stood and dusted everything…… 2 hours later I now have a beautiful display.