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Another sample, this time I mixed Pebeo Modelling Medium with 3 colours of Pebeo Studio Acrylic Paint. I stuck the stencil to the background with masking tape and scraped the coloured medium over the stencil until there were no gaps. I removed the stencil and washed it straight away to remove the excess paint. I added a little glitter because I love all things sparkly! The modelling medium makes the acrylic paint stiffer and goes through the stencil more easily. I think I could have done with a bit more modelling medium as it leaked a bit. I still like it though. Hope you do too. Let me know.

This little painting was done with Koh-I-Noor dye watercolours , Zig felt pens and Lumiere metallic acrylic paints. I think that it has a lovely depth about it.

31 January 2012

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This background was originally created with acrylic paint and a credit card. I took several photos and this was the result of playing with the “100 Cameras in 1” app. I love the way it looks like painted glass.

25 January 2012

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I really love this shot of my bedroom wall in the sunshine. It shows the copper acrylic paint wash to perfection. The artificial flowers look almost real in the suns glow.

23 January 2012

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Today I am featuring the last close up of the altered painting. I’ve been living with it for the last fortnight and it’s still not gracing the wall. In fact there is an increasingly large number of pictures stacked against walls etc waiting for me to get my act together and hang them all. When I had finished all the painting and outlining with dimensional paint the word ” forever ” didn’t show up very well, so out came the chalks and my finger and now the word is more visible. The bottom right hand heart was stenciled with white acrylic firstly, but it didn’t look right. The addition of some pinky red paint did the trick and I am really pleased with the result. Now, if I could just remember where I put the hammer……….

18 January 2012

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Here is another close up of my altered painting. All my students  have been very complementary about the finishing touches I have used to enhance it. I love the stenciled hearts the most I think, I did contemplate stenciling all of them but decided against it….. I’m glad I did.

14 January 2012

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Here is a close up shot of the top section of the painting I altered recently. I love the blend of colours and the richness of the gold leaf which  I have tried to balance by adding Gold Touch around each heart. I also used Pearl White Touch to give dimension to the white lettering. I added stencilling to 4 of the hearts by applying a mixture of different coloured acrylic paint with a damp baby wipe.

15 February 2011

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I made 5 Dream Journals today between 5pm and 7pm. I had great fun scrapping acrylic paint onto thin card. I used the left overs to cover the spines. There are only 3 pictured as I gave Leigh and Ann one each. We had great fun with Jade who joined us in a Dream Workshop on Skype with the lovely Melina.

5 February 2011

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This little canvas is a work in progress. I started by stencilling some mid green acrylic paint through fine sequin waste over a paler yellowy green background followed by stencilled metallic acrylic leaves. I then painted some other complementary colours on top. It hibernated for a while until I had some snippets of organza and other metallic fabrics on my desk and I decided to collage some of the fabric onto the leaves. It now needs some dimensional paint to define and enhance the bare bones that I’ve created. I really enjoyed the fusion of fabric and paint. It reminds me of peacock feathers.

26 January 2011

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Jade and I went shopping this afternoon to look for oil paint and glass cups for my liquorice tea, but somehow we ended up in a new KFC restaurant at Killingworth. I had some chips and a rather tasty chicken leg. Must say in comparison, McDonalds chips are much better.

This is in contrast to yesterdays photo of the moon. Whilst talking to the lovely Linda this afternoon the sun was making it’s way across my newly painted bedroom wall. The beautiful painting was a gift from Linda when we first met whilst demoing  at an art materials show. It has adorned my headboard for several years now and as anyone who owns a Linda Hollingshead original will know, it changes it’s mood throughout the day depending on the lighting. If you would like to see more of her work and more importantly buy a magical painting of your very own please check out and from next week our etsy emporium ingeniousgoddesses . When I was painting this wall with a tube of bronze acrylic paint which I had watered down to the extent it was running down my arm and onto the skirting boards, I was cursing like mad! But now in all it’s sunny glory I’m so glad that I did!

These are the finished art journalling diary pages. I used a punch for the scalloped circles of fairly stiff watercolour type card. It was actually a DIY calendar for 2009 that I failed to have ready for Christmas presents. Whoops! I did the same acrylic paint scrapping technique to create my journalling spots as I did for the background and after punching them out I distress inked them with Blue China & Black Soot distress inks. I cut the letters out with my trusty Cuttlebug, and Sizzix “Bang! Zoom” alphabet. To finish off I used rubber stamps with acrylic paint (wash straight away to get paint off or it sets solid), pigment ink in shades of green and Versafine ink in black and grey. I’m really pleased with how it looks, lovely and grungy and the reflective quality of the acrylic paints gives the pages flashes of light. I’m going to write in a permanent ink on top of the paint, but I think I’ll use a green or blue shade as a black marker will be lost where I have stamped in black. Have a yen to write in a spiral, should I turn the page or swivel in my office chair?

17 January 2011

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Whilst teaching today I’ve been scrapping lots of different colours of acrylic paint into my new diary journal (it’s  ring bound A4 cartridge paper that I bought  in Paper Mill last year). I was browsing the net and I came across the idea of diary journalling which I thought would be fun. I have been writing my ordinary diary and also this photo blog, so decided it would be a challenge to create an art journalling record of the year. I’ve yet to create the shapes to journal in, or to decorate the page in any other way, but thought it would be a good idea to take some photo’s of the pages in case I wanted to make prints of my own backgrounds. As you can see my desk didn’t stay clear for long! I’m a bit painty, the desk is a bit painty, but as I always say ” Happiness is being covered in Paint”.