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I had lots of fun editing these flowers in the SketchMee app. I love the fact that you can control the thickness of line, the type of drawing medium and the colour palette. It turns any photo into a work of art.

7 March 2012

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Art, Nature
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I think this rose drawing turned out well. I gave it a colourwash to give the drawing some depth.

6 March 2012

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Art, Nature
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I drew this kitten from a photo. I think he is an Abyssinian, correct me if I’m wrong. It’s OK but I think I got the proportions a bit wrong some how. I really like the face but the body and back of the head are a bit strange. I hope you find something to like about him.

This was a preliminary drawing for an etching I did way back when. I was exploring the use of decorative line. I like the idea of creating pattern by repeating a motif or word. I would truly love a desk top press for producing my own prints.

24 February 2012

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Art
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This is a drawing I did of our cat Babycham, so called because our first cat was called Brandy and we thought it was fun to have a matching set! I didn’t record many of her markings but think I have captured her shape and sweet little face. She was a brindled tortoiseshell and had black whiskers on one side of her nose and cream on the other. She was a tiny little cat with a great purr and gentle nature. It is lovely to have a record of her gently snoozing, probably on the bed where she loved to snuggle into the blankets.

18 February 2012

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I have just been watching a very interesting documentary on Lucien Freud on BBC2 this evening. I was surprised at how naive some of his drawings were. It then occurred to me that I haven’t as yet shared any of my drawings. I drew this rose quite a few years ago, and gave it a very pale pink wash to enhance the petals. I’ve been very lazy regarding drawing over the past couple of years, I believe it’s like a muscle the more you use it the better it gets. I want to make a concerted effort to draw more as I had forgotten how much I ¬†love the process of looking at an object in-depth and trying to reproduce what I see. Each person has their own view on the world and how you draw is as personal as your signature.Some people say they cannot draw. I believe everyone can draw and just need their talents nurturing. How many people were told as a child that they weren’t good enough, when in fact they hadn’t been taught properly. Even a little doodle is drawing so believe in your ability and use a soft pencil at least a 2B, and if you can find a battery operated eraser so much the better!