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I absolutely love the colours in this edited shot of a Rosa Rugosa flower. I used the PaintMee app to create this photograph and think it would look fantastic on a large canvas displayed on a white wall.

Is it a Poppy? No it’s a much edited Rosa Rugosa! It’s the Rosa Rugosa shot that I posted on 5 July 2012 inverted in the PictureShow app and softened in the PaintMee app. I love the depth of colour and the crackled quality that has been enhanced by the PaintMee app. I think it would look fantastic on a big canvas or as the front of a greetings card. What do you think?

I’ve just discovered an app called PaintMee, I love it! This shot is of a plant called Echevaria and is a succulent. I’ve changed the colours somewhat as it is green with pinkish edges but aren’t the colours zingy and exciting? I took the photo at the Market on Tynemouth Station last Sunday where I met Gren & Jo from Organic Gardens. They sell beautiful plants and cut flowers and are at the station market every Saturday and Sunday. They very kindly let me take lots of lovely photographs and Jo helped me to identify some of the plants I had shots of but didn’t know the names of. If you are in the area go and see the great selection they have at great prices.