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It’s all their fault !! Today, rather than meet in my studio for our regular Tuesday morning session I met up with the lovely Leigh & Ann and we had a smashing couple of hours together in Hexham. Girl Trip, Girl Trip ! I gave them a thorough guided tour of all the charity shops where I acquired a couple of Wedgewood casseroles circa 1960’s, a rather nice cassette storage rack that is going to store some of my ink pads, and a bear. Yes you heard right a bear. Now I needed a bear like I need a hole in my head but the aforementioned ladies persuaded me that I needed her. She is a Charlie Bear called Polly. I had seen them on QVC but had never cuddled one before. Big mistake. I fell instantly and completely in love with her as you can see by the soppy grin on my face!! I took this photo after my return home this afternoon where I sat in the sun on the sofa and enjoyed looking at my stash. This is my new hair cut and I have used a new colour called Stockholm by Preference I like it a lot. Whats going on with my left eye I haven’t a clue but I don’t normally look like that…. it must be the sunlight or bear fluff ! I’ve just checked on e-bay and my £2.99 casserole dish is probably worth £25!

10 February 2012

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Oh look, it’s another heart…. this time hanging on my wardrobe doors. At this time of year ie. Valentines there are lots to choose from and they keep finding me whilst out shopping. I have a growing collection waiting to be hung on my bedroom wall, they can accompany the growing collection of pictures similarly waiting to be hung as well. As my latest bout of Vertigo is still causing me to be a bit wobbly, I think I had better wait a while before attempting to scale the step ladder!

3 February 2012

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Jade insisted that we needed to go to IKEA this week. When we had driven over to Gateshead and were getting out of the car I enquired as to why we were there? The reply? ” For a hot dog and a look around!” Well, we had a good look around, a rummage in bargain corner, the requisite hot dog and bought this beautiful Narcissus called Bridal Crown which smells divine. Many moons ago when we were first married I worked for 9 months in a florists in Norwich. Not one of the happiest work experiences of my life but I loved this time of year when the shop was full of delicious springtime fragrances. Unfortunately is was my job to change the water in which the cut flowers stood….. one of the smelliest slimiest jobs in the world!

2 February 2012

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Just after Christmas Ladybird Cakes relocated their shop to the corner opposite where we live. Laura has some lovely things including this metal heart which is now hanging proudly on our stairs. I love the little door which opens so that a night light can be inserted. Don’t know whether I’m brave enough to light a naked flame above carpet but you never know!

As the lovely Linda commented recently- it’s not everyone who can boast that they have  “an illuminated hatch!” I bought several sets of lights over Christmas. This set of holographic lanterns was half price in Wilkinsons, so if Nigella can have lights in her kitchen , then so can I. I’ve moved two old wicker chairs from the bedrooms down to the kitchen and it’s now a cosy warm place to sit. I bought the lamp in Homebase at half price and the stickers on the wall were only £1.99  in B & M . So with the addition of some pussy willow from M & S and an orchid which has regrown a beautiful set of new flowers I think it looks quite stylish. Gosh I seem to be abbreviation crazy!!

17 January 2012

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There must be something about January and cushions, last January I re-organised the cushions in the lounge, but this year I wanted a richer look……. so on Sunday Kristy and I went to Hobart Rose Factory shop and bought the chocolate, burgundy and turquoise sequined cushions. I’m really pleased with the result and can confirm that they are very comfy, I sat and enjoyed a magazine from cover to cover yesterday afternoon in the lap of luxury.

16 January 2012

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What a difference a day makes. Here is my brand new cooker……. unfortunately because my cooker switch is above the cooker and not to it’s right hand side the fitter refused to fit it!!!! Guess who is having microwaved curry and packet rice for supper??? Obviously the appliance of science didn’t apply in this situation (it’s a Zanussi Cooker) ! ! ! A nice man is coming at 8.30 tomorrow morning to fit it for us. I’ll keep you posted……

12 January 2012

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Who doesn’t love a coloured pencil? These little beauties are nestling in a CD case and even have their own tiny pencil sharpener. I love Art Journaling and these are ideal as they are easy to pack in your travelling art kit. There are 36 pencils in the case and I bought them in Paperchase for £4.00, what a bargain!