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If you have already seen my post on 20 February 2012 you will know what a wonderful picture you can create with some dye ink, a brayer and some rubber stamps. By using different coloured inks and stamps you can produce a masterpiece every time. I tried to make the foreground look like water. I couldn’t resist putting some dragonflies into my picture. I highlighted the leaves with a silver gel pen and added some glitter to make it magical. Click on the photo for a closer look. I hope you like it, let me know.

I started this little 4″ x 4″ Pink Pig book  a couple of years ago. I intend to fill it with quotes that I love and pages that I have decorated. I used a rubber stamp to print the tile design and a Gelly Roll pen to outline  it and to write the quote. Some people can be a bit sniffy about using rubber stamps, I see them as a design tool and they can be used in very artistic ways. The left hand page has a thin layer of gesso on first and an ink wash over the top.  I really like the fact that paint and ink from the pages in front and behind have found their way onto these pages and have created their own pathways. What a great quote ” Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can!”    Perhaps we should all be throwing around a bit more paint in our lives! What do you think? Leave me a comment….


23 February 2012

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Craft
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This was the birthday card that I made for Kristy last year. I love the bling that I’ve added as it makes a lovely card into something beautiful. I over stamped the patterned paper with a flower stamp in a similar colour.

11 February 2012

Posted: February 11, 2012 in 365 days, Home, Owls
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This is the owl that the lovely Catherine made for me this Christmas. I think she realised how partial I am growing to these delightful creatures. He, (I’m sure it’s a he, as he has that blue stripe) is hanging next to my rubber stamp display in the studio where he complements my blue curtains admirably.