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I’ve been making samples for the upcoming show in Exeter. I decorated this inexpensive IKEA mirror with Pebeo Fantasy Prisme paint and Pebeo Cerne Relief. I drew the flowers freehand with Cerne Relief which was still wet when I painted between the lines with the Prisme paint and when it was drying I redrew any lines that had been covered in paint.

This is a cropped shot of Pebeo Fantasy Prisme paint. I poured Turquoise and Purple onto a glass coaster and left them to mingle and work their own magic. I love the result, it’s almost cell like and the colours are fabulous.

The heart I posted on the 15 May 2012 went for a spin in Photo fx Ultra and came out looking peachy! You may be wondering why I use the same image more than once in my posts, so I thought I would explain. I did a lot of print making when I was younger and I got used to using the same image over and over again, often called working in series. I feel that I have to be true to myself as an artist and want you all to share in my joy when I discover a new app or colour change or just the original image before I alter and abstract it into something new. I am thrilled that you are accompanying me on my voyage of discovery.

Love and light

Sue x


I was playing around with the Pebeo Fantasy Prisme paint that I was using in my workshops at the NEC in March and came up with this little heart. I was using a piece of canvas and Pebeo Cerne Relief in gold. I drew and squiggled with the outliner paint and whilst it was still wet was able to introduce several colours of the Prisme paint. I have used it quite thinly so didn’t get much of the patterning you get when you use it thickly, but I do like the way it looks like enamelling without having to be fired in an oven or kiln, it just gets harder the longer you leave it. Hope you like it.

I was trying to think of ways to use the Pebeo Fantasy paints which are quite like nail varnish but have a crackle effect with the Prisme and a cloudy pearlised swirly effect with the Moon. Here I have used Fantasy Prisme. If you click on the picture you can see in more detail of the crackle effect. I used an embossing folder, which I debossed into mirri card and painted into the recess the pattern made. I think it came out well. Let me know what you think.