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Illuminated Trees

I had great fun editing this shot of winter trees. I edited three times in total and firstly I used the FilterMania 2 app to give me the glow behind the trees. Secondly I used the Toon Camera app to eccentuate the lines and finally the InfiniFX to posterize the final photograph. I love the way it looks as if the sky is on fire.


I edited this shot with the Toon Camera app and love the way it has enhanced the details and brightened the original colours. The cellophane packaging in the background is a great counterfoil to the spikyness of the Eryngium.

Mystery Plant

I featured this Mystery plant on the 13 November and I still don’t know what it is. I love this shot and it has been edited firstly in the Toon Camera app and the rainbow setting in the Painteresque app. I love the colours and contrast in light and shade.

I love the zingy contrast between the cerise of the petals and the limey yellow centers. I edited the shot with the Toon Camera app which has defined the edges and shadows.

I edited this lovely shot of Heathers with the Toon Camera app. I love the way the app has eccentuated the colours and textures.

I used the Toon Camera app to alter this shot of a Phlox plant. I love the beautiful pinks and greens in the photograph.

I think the colours and shadows created by the Toon Camera app in this photograph are wonderful. The colours seem to glow and the contrast between dark and light is extremely pleasing to the eye.

I couldn’t decide what to call this photograph and the lovely Rosanna came up with Fabulous Fushias. Jade said it reminded her of Tiffany glass and I can see what she means with the mixture of colours and heavy borders. I edited the shot in the Pencil Camera app followed by the Toon Camera app to add the borderlines around the flowers and leaves and finally the Etchings app to add the shadows. Jade is right it would make a great piece of stained glass.

I edited this photograph of Dracena Marginata firstly with the Toon Camera app and then the Etchings app. The Toon Camera app has enriched the colours in the leaves and the etched lines have added their own magic.

I edited this shot of Lupins with the Toon Camera app. I love the depth of light and shade created by the app.

I pixelated this Rose photograph in the SuperPhoto app, followed by the Toon Camera app and finally the Etchings app twice. I really love the graphic quality of the final picture

I took the original photograph  of this beautiful orchid with my iPhone and then edited it with the Toon Camera app. I love the glowing colours the app has created.

I took this shot of white Agapanthus last summer at Tynemouth Station just down the road from where we live. The original Victorian canopy has been restored and re-glazed and creates some interesting angles to photograph. I have edited the image firstly with the Toon Camera app and finally with the Etchings app. The flowers were out of focus but adding the cartoon and etching lines has turned a so-so picture into something great. Well I think it is, hope you do to. Let me know.

Today I have revisited the photo of sunflowers that I took in July in Barcelona. I edited the shot firstly in the Toon Camera app and finally in the Etchings app. The colours have become vibrant and autumnal and I really like the texture that the fine etching lines create.

I have edited these three shots taken in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona with the Toon Camera app and then have created a triptych with the InstaPic Frame app which has a rather fetching stone like effect which seemed highly appropriate.

Have a great weekend where ever you are.

Love, light, purity and truth

Sue x

I’m really enjoying the combination of the Toon Camera app and the Pencil Camera app as they really compliment each other. I love the textured background and enhanced colours.

I haven’t played  with the Tiny Planets app for a while and I used this shot originally edited in the Toon Camera app to get this fabulous effect. I like the spiral effect  and graduated colour in the sky.

I edited this shot of Blackberries in the Toon Camera app. I really love all the bright colours and shapes of the leaves. Hope you do too, let me know.

I’m sorry but I am truly in love with the Toon Camera app! It just makes a photograph look wonderful, as if it’s been drawn for a comic book. I think it’s my go to app at the moment and I hope you like it as much as I do.

I took a rather fuzzy photo of a Great Mormon butterfly recently and after playing with it in the 100 Cameras app to alter the colours and the Toon Camera app to bring back some definition and line, I am pleased with the photograph above. Don’t delete that not so perfect shot as you may be able to edit it in an app or two!