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I edited this shot of Daisies with the PictureShow app on the Pop Art setting followed by the Percolator app. I really have a purple and orange thing going on at the moment!

This shot of an exotic Hibiscus was much edited before I started to play with it again. This time around I altered the colour with the PictureShow app and then whizzed it through the Etchings app to create the textured shadows. I’m really enjoying the complementary colours of orange and purple together and the turquoisey greens which weren’t in the original photo.

Is it a Poppy? No it’s a much edited Rosa Rugosa! It’s the Rosa Rugosa shot that I posted on 5 July 2012 inverted in the PictureShow app and softened in the PaintMee app. I love the depth of colour and the crackled quality that has been enhanced by the PaintMee app. I think it would look fantastic on a big canvas or as the front of a greetings card. What do you think?

This is the new home screen on my i pad. It’s a multi exposure shot of the Dog Rose that I posted on the 8th July edited and embossed in the PictureShow app. I applied a Bokeh light effect with the Picfx app which created the circles. I love all the colours especially at the top of the shot.

When you take the colour from a shot you start to see the shapes and textures. I edited this photograph in the PictureShow app and really like the grainy texture. I hope to take a photo etching course later this year and I think this would make a terrific etching plate.


This is a bit different for me isn’t it? I was playing around with the PictureShow app and used the Pop Art effect which produces a random selection of complementary colours. I really like this take on an Agapanthus which is a blue flower in reality but takes on an exotic quality in red and green.

I was playing with the white Rosa Rugosa flower and also a kaleidoscopic image of my Prisme Heart created in the PictureShow app. I combined the two in the CameraTan app to create this photograph which I think is great. The blank canvas of a white flower is wonderful for projecting patterns onto.

I do seem to be posting lots of roses, perhaps that’s because they are so beautiful at the moment despite the rain. Gordon and I went for a walk along the local Waggon Ways this week. They are where old railway lines have been changed into paths and bridleways. As we live in what used to be a coal mining area there were lots of railway lines connecting the district. I took this shot of a Dog Rose with my i phone and edited it on my i pad , firstly with the XnView Fx app and lastly with the PictureShow app. I used the PictureShow app with the randomiser button and got this crumpled background texture and the light leak and used a posterized effect in the XnView Fx app. I love the final result, the petals could almost be butterfly wings.

I really like the contrast of colours that editing this shot in PictureShow has achieved. I think the almost x-ray like quality of the background leaves makes the foreground ones look stronger. What do you think? Let me know.

This shot was edited in PictureShow and looks completely different to the original which I posted on the 14 May. I love the subtle shades of mauve and purple.

Whilst I was staying in Liverpool last week I spotted these newly emerging ferns. I edited the shot with PictureShow.  I like the contrast between the colours of the bricks and the green of the plants. I think I spy a bramble or two growing as well. It was pouring with rain at the time and I took the photo from inside a van with the zoom at full range.

I enhanced a photo of a crocus with the PictureShow app on my i phone. I love the zingy colours and turquoise background.  Wouldn’t it make a great repeat fabric design… I wouldn’t suggest a wallpaper design though as it would be instant migraine! LOL! Hope you like it as much as do.