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I was playing around with the Pebeo Fantasy Prisme paint that I was using in my workshops at the NEC in March and came up with this little heart. I was using a piece of canvas and Pebeo Cerne Relief in gold. I drew and squiggled with the outliner paint and whilst it was still wet was able to introduce several colours of the Prisme paint. I have used it quite thinly so didn’t get much of the patterning you get when you use it thickly, but I do like the way it looks like enamelling without having to be fired in an oven or kiln, it just gets harder the longer you leave it. Hope you like it.

16 February 2012

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This is the wreath that welcomes the visitors to my home at the moment. The welcome sign came from my local florists and I like to drape it across the different wreaths I have for each season. The Hugs and Kisses wreath came from TKMaxx a couple of weeks ago, aren’t the little cloth hearts pretty?  I also saw a lovely wreath made of paper flowers for the summer and have decided to make my own version this year. I’m sure I have a wicker wreath somewhere and lots of lovely papers and dies to cut out the flowers……. I’ll have to make a thorough search of the cupboard upstairs when I finally pack away all the Christmas decorations! Whoops, yes I’m that tardy a housekeeper because they are still festooning the spare room!

14 February 2012

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Gordon convinced me that he wasn’t buying me a card as he never does and he surprised me by leaving this beautiful card on my desk in the studio this morning. He bought me this lovely orchid last week on a trip to Tesco and I must say the colours of the pot and the hearts on the card match really well. I did point out that after 37 years together the least he could do was buy me a card, so maybe that did the trick. It’s our Coral Wedding Anniversary in April and he has promised me a piece of Coral….. I’ll keep you posted!

10 February 2012

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Oh look, it’s another heart…. this time hanging on my wardrobe doors. At this time of year ie. Valentines there are lots to choose from and they keep finding me whilst out shopping. I have a growing collection waiting to be hung on my bedroom wall, they can accompany the growing collection of pictures similarly waiting to be hung as well. As my latest bout of Vertigo is still causing me to be a bit wobbly, I think I had better wait a while before attempting to scale the step ladder!

7 February 2012

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I am acquiring quite a collection of hearts, these are carved and decorate my headboard in the bedroom. The black looking crystal in the foreground is in fact a garnet and is a deep dark burgundy colour when held up to the light. A mini mag light is ideal for peering into the depths of your favourite crystals

2 February 2012

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Just after Christmas Ladybird Cakes relocated their shop to the corner opposite where we live. Laura has some lovely things including this metal heart which is now hanging proudly on our stairs. I love the little door which opens so that a night light can be inserted. Don’t know whether I’m brave enough to light a naked flame above carpet but you never know!

10 January 2012

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Happiness is being covered in paint!

On a recent visit to Frameworks in Blyth just before Christmas we bought this painting to go in our red bedroom. This is the “after” picture as there were several words that were obscured by paint, some indecipherable yellow words and also 3 of the hearts had large swathes of gold leaf over them. I’m really pleased with how it’s looking. I still want to define the hearts with some black relief paint and outline some of the words.

18 February 2011

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I popped into Whitley Bay to go to the bank today. The weather was horrible, very cold and threatening to rain or snow. I was rushing back to the car when I went into a shop called Halo. They have a cafe although I didn’t stop for a drink and a selection of lovely decorative gifts. This sweet angel had to come home with me as well as these hearts to hang around the house. I thought I might decorate one or both of the metal hearts with some solvent glass paint.