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Whilst shopping in our recently refurbished Morrison’s Supermarket I noticed these Rambutan fruit which come from Vietnam. I thought they had a really interesting colour and texture. I’ve never tasted one but assume they are similar to a Lychee, has anyone out there tasted one? Let me know.

28 January 2012

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I realised today that I hadn’t reported whether the new cooker had been fitted. Well it has and is doing a fantastic job. These are the cheese scones that Jade and I made today.  I think we had got used to everything being burnt on the outside and slightly raw on the inside, now everything is just right. I sound just like Goldilocks!!!!  Obviously these scones are appealing to you all so here is the link to the recipe Buttermilk Scones with Cheshire Cheese and Chives.   I used a combination of Red Leicester and Mild Cheddar and also dried chives instead of fresh ones, I’ve also left the chives out entirely and they still taste fine. I doubled up the quantity of ingredients and it made 10 large luscious scones. Let me know how yours turn out.

5 January 2012

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I’m not saying that I’m a slovenly housewife, but I fell on the floor laughing when I found this dehydrated bunch of asparagus. It had been in my fridge for 3 months. I found it so funny that it came all the way from Peru to be abandoned in the back of my fridge. I wouldn’t mind, but I love asparagus!