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I am really enjoying the size of the i pad compared to the i phone. It is such a pleasure to see photos I have taken in greater detail  and to be able to edit them with Percolator and then Grungetastic which totally alters the colour palette. This would make a wonderful background paper and I think it looks old,distressed and rusty. What fun when the original was turquoise!

I took Jade’s damp dandelion for a trial run through Grungetastic and this is the result. I’m not a blue sort of girl but this really speaks to me. The streaks even look like rain don’t they.

I stand bowed with raindrops

Bedraggled and forlorn.

I smile as the sun fills the sky

My life is complete

As my feather light children

Take to the air.

I love this shot of the branches I took in the rain last week. I edited it in Grungetastic. The texture in the background is beautiful and the pink and mauve is dreamy and ethereal. Hope you like it, let me know.