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Chocoholics Delight

I was revisiting my photographs from last July in Barcelona and I thought the chocoholics amongst you would like to drool over this shot of a shop window on Rambla de Catalunya. I don’t eat chocolate myself as it’s one of my migraine triggers, but I do know that for lots of you it counts as one of your five a day!!!! When it’s cold and icy outside it’s great to remember the warmth and relaxation of those summer days.

Amy Winehouse Graffiti

Here is another wonderful photograph of the graffiti found on our holiday in Barcelona last July. I’m sure it’s Amy Winehouse but then I did wonder if it was Sophia Lauren? I’m also sure if this was found in Britain, someone would have already painted it over in a uniform coating of grey paint. I love the fact that all the other tags and pictures only add to the overall effect.

I edited this shot of a mosaic wall in Epcot in Florida with the Paper Camera app. I particularly love the lilac version in the bottom right hand corner.

I used the Paper Camera app to edit this photograph of a chandelier in the Casa Batllo in Barcelona. All the walls in the Casa Batllo have this wonderful texture which resembles broken egg shells. I love the way the app has exaggerated the crackled effect and the way the light bulbs appear to glow.

Today I have revisited the photo of sunflowers that I took in July in Barcelona. I edited the shot firstly in the Toon Camera app and finally in the Etchings app. The colours have become vibrant and autumnal and I really like the texture that the fine etching lines create.

I have edited these three shots taken in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona with the Toon Camera app and then have created a triptych with the InstaPic Frame app which has a rather fetching stone like effect which seemed highly appropriate.

Have a great weekend where ever you are.

Love, light, purity and truth

Sue x

Whilst walking down to the beach from our hotel in Barcelona we found this beautiful painting on the doors of a shop. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could walk down the street and see works of art everyday?

I took the this shot of a galleon in Barcelona this summer and I have edited the photograph with the Pencil Camera app. I really like the grungy rusted effect the app has created.

I took this shot with the native camera on my iPhone, it’s of the crazed glass panel of a patio door which has been recently replaced in my friend Linda’s new flat. The glaziers were removing the old putty from around the frame on Monday when the glass shattered and created this pattern. As the sun was shining I took several shots as I liked the way the sun reflected off the crazing and gave the garden beyond a mystical look.

I haven’t played  with the Tiny Planets app for a while and I used this shot originally edited in the Toon Camera app to get this fabulous effect. I like the spiral effect  and graduated colour in the sky.

I took this shot from the rooftop of the Casa Batllo in Barcelona. Isn’t the mosaic beautiful? Lots of souvenirs in Barcelona try to mimic this intricate pattern, but none seemed to quite capture the reality of Gaudi’s vision.

I took this shot of the plant called Lantana Camara commonly called the Spanish Flag with my iPad on my visit to Butterfly World. I love the square shaped petal buds in the centers of the flowers. The butterflies obviously like it too.


I took this shot of a Gorilla in a back street in Barcelona. The painting was hanging on a door of a shop selling t-shirts. I love the bold brush strokes and the vibrant reds in the painting. What the skull in the background is about I haven’t a clue!


I would like you to meet Indy, he belongs to my niece Jayne’s family and he’s a real cutey. I met him last month whilst we were visiting friends and family. Isn’t he gorgeous? I took the original shot with the Hipstamatic app and it was a bit shaky (me not the dog) so I edited it again in the Sketch Agent app which has defined his coat and features beautifully. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Love and light

Sue x

I used my Panasonic to take this photograph of the glorious ceiling in the main room of Casa Batllo in Barcelona. The house was designed by Antoni Gaudi for the industrialist Josep Batllo Casanovas between 1904 and 1907. My guide book says ” The ceiling of the central room is a flat sky that forms a whirlpool which, as well as constituting another marine references, refers, as is common with Gaudi, to the idea of generation of nature”. Obviously it’s a literal translation from the Spanish but I think you get the gist!

Today I will be at Abakhan Stores at Mostyn in North Wales, please click this link to go to their website. I will be demonstrating the Pebeo Fantasy range of paints from 10 am – 4 pm. The photograph above is of a 5 link bracelet into which I have placed several different colours of Pebeo Fantasy Prisme , the swirly pebbled effect develops after a little while to give this lovely finish. If you happen to be in the area why not pop along to see me demo I would love to meet you. Have a great weekend.

Love and light

Sue x

I took this photo with my iPad at Butterfly World in Yarm. It’s of a Chrysalis Cupboard which I found fascinating, all those butterflies waiting to hatch and some which had already done so. It must be exciting to observe the new occupants everyday that are waiting to emerge into the world.

Having looked at this photo again the chrysalis seem to be very evenly spaced and were obviously collected from the plants they were attached too ……… so what do you reckon they used, SuperGlue or Silicone to stick them to the bamboo canes? Lol!


I used my Panasonic DMC – TZ3 Camera  to take this shot in Casa Batllo in Barcelona. I love the contrast of the wood against the rippled glass and the distortion of the  tiles in the beautiful stairwell.

I edited this shot of a canal bank with the Tiny Planets app followed by the ShockMyPic app. I love the perspective and wonder what could be at the end of the tunnel?

I took this shot on my recent walk along the tow path next to the canal. I edited this shot of a Teasel in the Jazz app, I like the way all the blades of grass are defined and the spikes on the teasel are highlighted by the sun.