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Lotus Flower Seed Heads

I love the colours and patterns in this shot which was edited in the Painteresque app on the Rainbow setting. I took the original photograph at Tynemouth station and really like the zingy greens and yellows that the app has created.

Twice Edited Roses

I love this shot of roses taken at our local market. I edited the shot twice, firstly with the Painteresque app on my favourite Rainbow setting and secondly in the Paper Camera app on the Neon setting. I like the unexpected orange tones that have appeared in the petals.

Mystery Plant

I featured this Mystery plant on the 13 November and I still don’t know what it is. I love this shot and it has been edited firstly in the Toon Camera app and the rainbow setting in the Painteresque app. I love the colours and contrast in light and shade.

Whilst waiting for Jade yesterday lunch time I stopped to take some photographs. I edited the shot of a little stand of trees overlooking the Fish Quay in NorthShields with the Rainbow effect in the Painteresque app. It has really brightened the leaden sky and fallen leaves.

Anemones were my Mum’s favourite flower, and whenever I see them they bring back fond memories of my childhood. I edited this shot with the Painteresque app, I discovered the style setting and this is the Rainbow effect which may turn into my new go to app. The petals have taken on a beautiful quality which perfectly matches their fragility.

I love the rich colour and drama in this photograph. I edited it firstly in the Pencil Camera app and secondly in the Painteresque app which has produced the depth and intensity of colour.

I edited this shot of a Hydrangea in the Painteresque app and then took it for a spin in a new app to me called Lomora. I love the depth of colour and detail in the flowers.

I love the drawn quality of this shot of Fuchsia edited in the uSketch app and finished off in the Painteresque app to add some background depth.

I took this shot of a Leucanthemum flower a couple of weeks ago at Tynemouth Station. I edited the photo with the Painteresque app which has enhanced the detail of the center of the bloom and petals giving the overall picture an antiqued aged appearance. It looks like an old print to me, what do you think? Let me know.

I took this photo of a Sunflower last Sunday with my i phone. I edited it in the Painteresque app and love the result, hope you do too, let me know.