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I took Jade’s damp dandelion for a trial run through Grungetastic and this is the result. I’m not a blue sort of girl but this really speaks to me. The streaks even look like rain don’t they.

I stand bowed with raindrops

Bedraggled and forlorn.

I smile as the sun fills the sky

My life is complete

As my feather light children

Take to the air.

Didn’t this turn out a treat? I am thrilled with the result. I processed the shot 3 times in ShockMyPic and love the way it’s gossamer quality has been enhanced by the app. I wrote this verse to accompany the image.

The Dandelion sways gently

Patiently awaiting the childs excited breath &

Counted launch of her gossamer brood.

Whilst driving the other day I saw lots of fields of oil seed rape. I edited this shot with 100 Cameras to get the contrast I wanted between the sky and the yellow field. I wrote this little piece of poetry to go with it.

Before a leaden sky

I glimpsed a sea of sulphur petals

Through tender budded trees.