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Illuminated Trees

I had great fun editing this shot of winter trees. I edited three times in total and firstly I used the FilterMania 2 app to give me the glow behind the trees. Secondly I used the Toon Camera app to eccentuate the lines and finally the InfiniFX to posterize the final photograph. I love the way it looks as if the sky is on fire.

Fores tLake Filter

I’m really please with the finished effect of this photograph. I took a shot of distant trees on the right and the branch on the left and have then used the Forest Lake filter in the Filtermania 2 app which has added the river and foliage in the foreground. I then took it for a spin through the Pix app to sharpen and deepen the rusty colours in the trees. I must admit I’m rather impressed. I’m not so impressed with the inability of the Filtermania 2 app to link to Facebook though.

iPhone 5 215

I edited this shot with the FilterMania 2 app. I love the overlay of the autumn leaves onto my original photograph. The app has lots of different filters which have to be downloaded individually but are well worth the time it takes. These include a great selection of landscapes which turn a simple picture into something spectacular.