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On Friday, Jade and I went for a rather damp walk in the woods, just up the coast at Holywell Dene. We took lots of photos with my i phone of the wild flowers and mossy trees. Jade took this shot of a rather damp dandelion and I edited it in Mobile Monet on the i pad. I’m loving how much easier it is to see the images on the i pad and as they are streamed via i Cloud it’s a breeze to edit them.

I have been editing my art with 100 Cameras and Mobile Monet. I really like the gentle colours and can’t wait to get my new i Pad which I am collecting today! I’m so excited!

This weekend I was experimenting with editing photos on my i phone. I took a shot of one of my black on white line drawings and converted it to white on black in Mobile Monet. I then combined it with a coloured background in Image Blender and finally tweeked it in 100 Cameras in 1. I’m thrilled with the result and the clarity of line that I achieved. I would like to mention as I was inspired to try Image Blender after seeing the wonderful results Davide has achieved, I recommend visiting his site as soon as possible to marvel at his beautiful photography.