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This is in contrast to yesterdays photo of the moon. Whilst talking to the lovely Linda this afternoon the sun was making it’s way across my newly painted bedroom wall. The beautiful painting was a gift from Linda when we first met whilst demoing  at an art materials show. It has adorned my headboard for several years now and as anyone who owns a Linda Hollingshead original will know, it changes it’s mood throughout the day depending on the lighting. If you would like to see more of her work and more importantly buy a magical painting of your very own please check out and from next week our etsy emporium ingeniousgoddesses . When I was painting this wall with a tube of bronze acrylic paint which I had watered down to the extent it was running down my arm and onto the skirting boards, I was cursing like mad! But now in all it’s sunny glory I’m so glad that I did!

14 January 2011

Posted: January 15, 2011 in 365 days
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Not strictly a photo taken with my i phone today, but have spent the day creating a shop on Etsy. I’ve mastered the art of the Snipping Tool, copied and pasted code to put an Etsy button on our blog and also created this photo blog. Feeling a little tired, too much time in front of a monitor I suspect. If you would like to visit our shop here’s the link, we may have got around to listing something by the time you read this !