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This is an etching I made more years ago than I care to remember! It was a fantasy flower influenced by studying biology combined with my fascination with fine line drawing. I do remember that making an etching plate in the shape of a flower took me endless hours of eating the plate away with acid and then filing it smooth so that it wouldn’t tear the paper when it was printed. After working the ink into the fine lines etched into the plate I applied a pink layer of ink to the flat plate before printing. I was very proud of the result at the time and I still am, all those years later.

I’m feeling rather tired as I have just returned from Liverpool where I was demoing at a Hobby Craft Show. I would like to say hello to all the lovely people I met there, and at Belfast the week before and also Newcastle Racecourse before that! As you can imagine I haven’t had a lot of time to create anything new, so thought you might like to see my original Satellite Cell Doodle which I blended with a smaller scale version of the same drawing. I would absolutely love to project it onto a large canvas and recreate the lines so that I can paint them in, in glorious colours…… a hint of turquoise perhaps? Hope everything in your world is great. Glad to be home as my lovely husband just bought me an i Pad 3, YIPPEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend I was experimenting with editing photos on my i phone. I took a shot of one of my black on white line drawings and converted it to white on black in Mobile Monet. I then combined it with a coloured background in Image Blender and finally tweeked it in 100 Cameras in 1. I’m thrilled with the result and the clarity of line that I achieved. I would like to mention as I was inspired to try Image Blender after seeing the wonderful results Davide has achieved, I recommend visiting his site as soon as possible to marvel at his beautiful photography.

I drew this cat for a colleague who was in hospital. It was quite large as I made it into a card that the whole office could sign. He looks like quite a chubby cat. Using an eraser to draw in some of the whiskers works well I think.

I quite like the way this turned out. A humble stem of ¬†Brussel Sprouts looks much nicer than it tastes! There’s my wiggly line again. Back from my travels tomorrow so will tell you all about it when I get back. Thanks for stopping by whilst I’m away. Pop back tomorrow for a show debrief. LOL!

Love and light

Sue x

This still life drawing was a real piglet as we had to draw the distortion of something through water. I remember setting this up with a couple of eggs and an apple, a jam jar half filled with water, a bed sheet and a flyer which mentions¬†Captain Americas a fabulous restaurant we used to go to in Norwich where we were students. I think it says ” the logical successor to Barber Shop. SPANGLES ” what or who was being featured I cannot for the life of me remember!! I think I achieved the distortion as required. What do you think? Let me know.

This photo of a Spaniel was a commission for the landlord of our local pub when we lived in Norfolk. I drew him from a photograph and this is the photocopy I made to record him for posterity. My client was thrilled with it and said it looked just like him. I’d like to think that I’ve captured some of his personality. Wish I could remember his name….. Would you like me to draw your dogs portrait? Let me know.

13 March 2012

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A humble little biro drawing of a fir cone. Sometimes we have a biro in our hands whilst doing something else e.g. watching TV or talking on the phone, in those moments we sometimes produce a really good drawing/doodle as our brains are disconnected. Try it sometime you might surprise yourself.

11 March 2012

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On a field trip to Cromer I drew this quick sketch. I think the Pier has been rebuilt since I drew this but the life boat station at the end still has a slipway like the one I have drawn.

10 March 2012

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I drew this after observing a stuffed lioness in The Castle Museum in Norwich many moons ago. I doubt if she is still there but it generated quite a few different pieces of art work at the time.

8 March 2012

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These are some of my most recent sketches. I sat in the front garden which is quite small last autumn and drew these in pencil. I wasn’t very happy with some of these studies, but this week I have been sketching with a Pitt Pen size S and I redrew 4 of them. I am rather pleased with the way they turned out. I was always pleased with the drawing on the bottom right but I’m equally pleased with the redraw on the bottom left. I was trying to capture the sun behind the flower and by using a dashed and dotted line I feel that it now works. So don’t give up on a poor drawing, why not revisit some of your own and see if you can use a different medium like I did.

5 March 2012

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Here is the complete etching of my Fantasy Flower. It evolved quite a bit from the pencil drawing. I like that about a piece of work. To replicate line for line, shape for shape it just becomes a copy. This way you can introduce new ideas and leave out things you don’t like. This was one of the best etchings I achieved whilst at college. For closer detail please see my post on 2 March 2012.

After the success of posting my Fantasy Flower I thought I would tease you all with this little montage of views of my final etching. I used an i phone app called Diptic. It’s extremely easy to use and allows you to collate a selection of your photos quickly and easily. You can move the photo around in the selected box with your finger to get just the right placement. I really enjoyed the fineness of the line I was able to achieve with a stylus in the wax prior to etching the plate. I love repeated pattern and like to play with distorting it to represent shading. I think I was light years ahead of Zentangle. I am very fond of turquoise and have combined it with apricot on the plate prior to printing. As you can see the word SOIL when printed is reversed and becomes a pattern in and of itself. I like the difference in line thickness too which helps to make the piece balanced….. I won’t be too mean I’ll post a shot of the whole thing in a day or two!