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Last week Gordon and I spent the week near Gloucester staying with my sister and brother-in-law. We went for a wonderful morning walk along the canal and met a family of swans that my sister feeds regularly. This is the female and she was very proud of her large family of 7 cygnets, she also wiggled her tail to show that she wanted more bread! I took the shot with my iPhone and edited it in the Art Camera app with the posterize effect. The water was sparkling in the sunshine and I love the colours in the water. Hope you like it too, let me know.

At Butterfly World there were lots of beautiful flowers to attract and feed the butterflies, this glorious white Hibiscus being one of them. I edited the shot in the Art Camera app and I really like the depth of colour and texture the app has created.

I decided to take a picture of myself to commemorate my birthday this year and to use it as my new Avatar. I wanted something in keeping with the photographs I post on the blog and this is the result. I posterised the shot with the Art Camera app and added some sparkle with the SpacePaint app, as I adore a bit of sparkle. I don’t think I look too bad for an old bird!! Especially if you stand a long way away from the screen with your eyes half shut!!!

I edited this hollyhock head in 100 Cameras and then Art Camera. Isn’t that shade of turquoise heavenly, it almost looks like an embroidery or as Jade suggested Pointillism. I just love the way a simple little painting can be altered so quickly and inspire me to get out the paints to capture the colour combinations.


I know that blue seaweed isn’t the norm but doesn’t it look great? I edited this shot in Art Camera and came up with this delicious result. I think it would make a fantastic postcard, how about you? Let me know.