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I couldn’t decide what to call this photograph and the lovely Rosanna came up with Fabulous Fushias. Jade said it reminded her of Tiffany glass and I can see what she means with the mixture of colours and heavy borders. I edited the shot in the Pencil Camera app followed by the Toon Camera app to add the borderlines around the flowers and leaves and finally the Etchings app to add the shadows. Jade is right it would make a great piece of stained glass.

I have used the Pencil Camera app with the Hipster Culture effect to create the rusty appearance of this tulip.

I used the Pencil Camera app and the Watercolour effect to edit this shot of grasses overlooking the sea. I really like the gentle colours and the shapes of the seed heads against the sky.

I love the rich colour and drama in this photograph. I edited it firstly in the Pencil Camera app and secondly in the Painteresque app which has produced the depth and intensity of colour.

I took the this shot of a galleon in Barcelona this summer and I have edited the photograph with the Pencil Camera app. I really like the grungy rusted effect the app has created.

I’m really enjoying the combination of the Toon Camera app and the Pencil Camera app as they really compliment each other. I love the textured background and enhanced colours.

I love the colours in this Butterfly Mosaic. I edited the photo in the SuperPhoto app followed by the Pencil Camera app. I like the way the butterfly almost vanishes in places and the mosaic effect creates a complimentary background.

I was playing around with recent photos taken on my iPhone and I came up with this dreamy background. The original shot was of Pebeo Fantasy Prisme paint and I edited the shot in the Pencil Camera app which is my current favourite. I love the way the shapes have changed some being more pronounced, others almost vanishing and the delicate colours.

I edited one of my favourite images this beautiful Hibiscus in the Pencil Camera app on the watercolour setting. I love all the faint lines that create the texture and how the app has applied a beautiful swathe of colour to the picture.