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My daughter Jade decided to make herself up as Regan from the Exorcist this evening. This involved mixing golden syrup, food colouring, coco powder and various other undisclosed items from my kitchen cupboards and she coloured the pieces of toilet paper she had stuck to her face with the secret formula  After she had thrown the contents of my glass of apple squash down the front of her nightie I drew the line when she asked for a tin of mushy processed peas!!! Wherever you are I hope you and yours are well and enjoying a great evening.

I’ve been making samples for the upcoming show in Exeter. I decorated this inexpensive IKEA mirror with Pebeo Fantasy Prisme paint and Pebeo Cerne Relief. I drew the flowers freehand with Cerne Relief which was still wet when I painted between the lines with the Prisme paint and when it was drying I redrew any lines that had been covered in paint.

I’ve found a great app for framing your favourite photographs. I collected 3 of my favourite shots of this beautiful Japanese Lantern Hibiscus and inserted them into one of the many templates in the Layout app. You can choose from lots of layout templates, patterned frames, thickness of frame and also choose a colour found within your photo. I like the fact that you can also apply different effects within the app, move the picture around and also change the size of the image. I used the Halftone app in the largest photograph and changed the colours within the app.

Gordon and I went for a walk down the road on Friday night. This weekend it’s the Mouth of the Tyne Festival and as we walked out of the door we could hear music, in fact you could hear music all over Tynemouth Village. When we got as far as The Priory overlooking King Edwards Bay we had this view of McFly performing on stage with a large screen which was visible from the seafront. I stopped and took some photos and then we continued on our walk serenaded by the music everywhere that we walked.

This shot taken with a red filter shows the Pebeo Copper Studio Acrylic paint which I used as a wash on our bedroom wall. Here, it was illuminated by the afternoon sun and the silk flowers are a stunning contrast to the metallic quality of the wall.  I love the shadows which are created by the lampshade and flowers which add depth to the composition.

Two of my favourite flowers are Alstroemeria and Freesia. I love the combination of the purple and orange together. Hope you do too, let me know.

Another shot using the Camera Awesome app on my i phone. I love the different filters, effects and frames that you can apply to your photos. These silk flowers grace the shelf behind my bed. Hope you like it, let me know.

This is our family dog called Maddie. I was playing around with my latest i phone app called Camera Awesome and came up with this shot. I love the colours and antique feeling of the background. She is a lovely dog and adores being tickled, in fact she thinks that’s what all the humans in her life are here for.

Whilst Kristy was creating her masterpiece I created this one. I used Pebeo Studio Acrylic and printed with my home made stamps with Pebeo Deco Touch. I painted my design with Gilding Paste and applied the Silver Leaves when it had gone clear ( it’s white when you apply it). I finished it by decortating with the Touch again. Touch is a dimensional paint and comes with a fine nozzle so that you can draw fine lines and dots very easily.

My daughter Kristy came to help me last weekend. She was my guinea pig for the time available for a workshop. It’s always best to try it out beforehand I think. She created this lovely background with Pebeo Studio Acrylic, painted on Gilding Paste and applied the Gold Leaves. We also printed with the acrylic paint using stamps I cut from Funky Foam and then decorated the whole thing with Pebeo Deco Touch. I think she did a splendid job, don’t you?

Not a very attractive picture but my reality as I prepare to go to the Hobbycrafts show! I was once accused of being a messy crafter, I prefer to think of it as creative chaos. You never know when 2 disparate things laying next to or near each other spark off the next few ideas. Travelling south today when I get my act together.

This weekend’s Owl is from the Japan Pavilion at Epcot in Orlando, Florida. I could have spent a fortune in the wonderful shop there. I think we went 3 times in the three weeks we were there. He has a little solar panel on his log and his head swings from left to right if he’s in enough light. They had them in several colours but this colourway appealed to me the most. He lives with the rest of his Parliament (the collective term for owls) in my studio.

This little owl is so cheerful and sits next to my printer and brightens up the studio. She is a money box and I found her in Razzberry Bazaar last year. I think all the pastel colours are fun and especially like the white polka dots and painted flowers.

16 February 2012

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This is the wreath that welcomes the visitors to my home at the moment. The welcome sign came from my local florists and I like to drape it across the different wreaths I have for each season. The Hugs and Kisses wreath came from TKMaxx a couple of weeks ago, aren’t the little cloth hearts pretty?  I also saw a lovely wreath made of paper flowers for the summer and have decided to make my own version this year. I’m sure I have a wicker wreath somewhere and lots of lovely papers and dies to cut out the flowers……. I’ll have to make a thorough search of the cupboard upstairs when I finally pack away all the Christmas decorations! Whoops, yes I’m that tardy a housekeeper because they are still festooning the spare room!

13 February 2012

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OOOhhh look it’s another Owl!! They seem to be very popular at the moment. This lovely chap or is it a chapess came from Razzberry Bazaar a couple of weeks ago and is hanging next to my rubber stamps in the studio.  I really like the fact that the striped patch on her front is in the shape of a heart. A combination of two of my favourite things.

12 February 2012

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This golden god has been watching over me for the last couple of years. He used to decorate my studio, but since redecorating our bedroom with deep red he gravitated to the chest of drawers on my side of the room. I find his serenity very comforting.

11 February 2012

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This is the owl that the lovely Catherine made for me this Christmas. I think she realised how partial I am growing to these delightful creatures. He, (I’m sure it’s a he, as he has that blue stripe) is hanging next to my rubber stamp display in the studio where he complements my blue curtains admirably.

10 February 2012

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Oh look, it’s another heart…. this time hanging on my wardrobe doors. At this time of year ie. Valentines there are lots to choose from and they keep finding me whilst out shopping. I have a growing collection waiting to be hung on my bedroom wall, they can accompany the growing collection of pictures similarly waiting to be hung as well. As my latest bout of Vertigo is still causing me to be a bit wobbly, I think I had better wait a while before attempting to scale the step ladder!

8 February 2012

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I have always wanted a Stephanotis plant since working in the florists way back when and our local Morrisons store had them for sale a few weeks ago. This one has been gracing the shelf in our bathroom since then. The lovely Linda has one too, she found hers on Skipton market last year when I popped down to visit her one day last year and we had a lovely girly day out together. The smell is truly heavenly. I can quite understand why they are sometimes used in bridal bouquets.

7 February 2012

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I am acquiring quite a collection of hearts, these are carved and decorate my headboard in the bedroom. The black looking crystal in the foreground is in fact a garnet and is a deep dark burgundy colour when held up to the light. A mini mag light is ideal for peering into the depths of your favourite crystals