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This shot taken with a red filter shows the Pebeo Copper Studio Acrylic paint which I used as a wash on our bedroom wall. Here, it was illuminated by the afternoon sun and the silk flowers are a stunning contrast to the metallic quality of the wall.  I love the shadows which are created by the lampshade and flowers which add depth to the composition.

Whilst Kristy was creating her masterpiece I created this one. I used Pebeo Studio Acrylic and printed with my home made stamps with Pebeo Deco Touch. I painted my design with Gilding Paste and applied the Silver Leaves when it had gone clear ( it’s white when you apply it). I finished it by decortating with the Touch again. Touch is a dimensional paint and comes with a fine nozzle so that you can draw fine lines and dots very easily.

My daughter Kristy came to help me last weekend. She was my guinea pig for the time available for a workshop. It’s always best to try it out beforehand I think. She created this lovely background with Pebeo Studio Acrylic, painted on Gilding Paste and applied the Gold Leaves. We also printed with the acrylic paint using stamps I cut from Funky Foam and then decorated the whole thing with Pebeo Deco Touch. I think she did a splendid job, don’t you?

Hi everyone. This week I will be teaching 5 FREE workshops a day at NEC (National Exhibition Centre) Birmingham for Pebeo UK. I’m busy making samples at the moment and here are a few pictures to show you how I’m doing.

I have painted these buttons with Pebeo Fantasy Prisme and Moon paint

The lovely Catherine was my assistant this morning and painted these acrylic fragments for me. We added a few star, hearts and some glitter as well.

I outlined a heart shape with Pebeo Cerne Relief and then filled the inside with Pebeo Fantasy Prisme.

I drew my outline with Pebeo Cerne Relief and filled the heart with Pebeo Prisme in two colours. I hadn’t made too good a job and it leaked out a bit so I went around it again to contain the leak!!

Catherine outlined the heart with Pebeo Cerne Relief and filed it with Pebeo Moon.

Catherine outlined this heart with Pebeo Cerne Relief and filled it with 2 colours of Pebeo Fantasy Moon.

For this little canvas board I scraped the Pebeo Studio Acrylic paint colours across the board with a palette knife, added Pebeo Deco Touch and finished it off with Gold Leaves.

Another little sample using Pebeo Studio Acrylic, Pebeo Deco Touch and some gold and silver leaves.

I love this little sample. I tried to make it look like a fantasy garden. I used Pebeo Studio Acrylic, Pebeo Deco Touch and silver leaves.

I used Pebeo Studio Acrylic with Pebeo Deco Touch and Gold Leaves. I used a palette knife to add some texture and added gold leaves to finish. I rubbed in the Touch with my finger around the edges to highlight the texture. The gold frame was created by applying dots of Touch and then I used a cocktail stick to drag the paint.

I had fun with this sample. I cut out some flowers with Funky Foam and stuck them to cardboard. I then printed these flowers with Gesso and scored them with a cocktail stick. I added Pebeo Touch Deco paint to add some interest to the flowers.

These flowers were printed with my homemade foam stamps and Pebeo Studio Acrylic and Pebeo Deco Touch. I also added some cabachons for a bit of glitz. I made the leaves by cutting a flower in half.

Well I haven’t a lot of spare time at the moment. This has taken all afternoon to load these shots but I thought you would all like to see what I am up to. If you can get to the NEC this week come and say HI and stop to play at one of the FREE workshops, the show is from Thursday 22nd – Sunday 25th. Hope to see you there.
Love and light.

Sue x