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I took a rather fuzzy photo of a Great Mormon butterfly recently and after playing with it in the 100 Cameras app to alter the colours and the Toon Camera app to bring back some definition and line, I am pleased with the photograph above. Don’t delete that not so perfect shot as you may be able to edit it in an app or two!

I edited this shot of a Dog Rose in the Filter Stamp FX app using the Woody effect which superimposes a Boji Leaf skeleton over the original photograph. I altered the colours in the 100 Cameras app. You must be starting to realise that if the picture contains turquoise I’m a happy bunny.

I love the textures created by using the Mobile Monet app with a photo of the starfish we recently rescued. The resulting shot looks warm and Mediterranean  and was created using the 100 Cameras app. It was a pretty cool day on a North East England beach with a good breeze blowing in off the North Sea ….. I can dream of warmer climes can’t I ?

I have been playing with the doodle I drew on my i pad at the weekend and after a whizz through the Percolator App and an edit in Abstract Me I took it for a spin through 100 Cameras and this is the result. It looks like a country garden to me. You might have to stand on one leg and squint hard but I think it looks like Hollyhocks or Delphiniums, quintessentially English garden flowers. Let me know if you see them too, or perhaps you see something totally different?

I’ve been playing with that orchid shot again and I changed the hue to this yummy warm colourway using 100 Cameras. By removing some of the colour from the petals it emphasises the veins and creates more interest. Hope you like it, let me know.

I edited this shot in 100 Cameras. I love the way the pale green looks like lichen and the luminescence in the background gives the trees depth, of course that dreamy blue is always a winner. Hope you like it,let me know.

I admit it, I’m an addict…… I while away long hours happily blending my drawings and my nature shots and look at the results! This is a shot of a Hellebore and my Satellite Cell Doodle and a couple of whizzes through Image Blender and 100 Cameras. I like how some of my lines are dark and some are light, and how the stamens of the flower appear from the depths of the drawing. Who knew digital art was so quick and easy to achieve with an i phone?

I took the orchid in the Pink Blended Orchid post of 12 April and blended it with an acrylic painted background in Image Blender and then edited it again in 100 Cameras. I have so many different versions of this orchid but I think this is the best one, the rainbow of colours is stunning and of course turquoise is my favourite colour ! Hope you like it too, let me know.

This weekend I was experimenting with editing photos on my i phone. I took a shot of one of my black on white line drawings and converted it to white on black in Mobile Monet. I then combined it with a coloured background in Image Blender and finally tweeked it in 100 Cameras in 1. I’m thrilled with the result and the clarity of line that I achieved. I would like to mention as I was inspired to try Image Blender after seeing the wonderful results Davide has achieved, I recommend visiting his site as soon as possible to marvel at his beautiful photography.

I visited the lovely Linda this weekend as she was visiting her dad in Yorkshire, which is much nearer than Somerset. Whilst there we had a walk to Salt’s Mill in Saltaire and bought some great art and photography books. I combined a sketch of a Mushroom Coral and a shot of some Pebeo Fantasy Prisme with my  Image Blender app and then edited it with the 100 Cameras app. I am really pleased with the beautiful colours. Today is my 35th Wedding Anniversary which is also called The Coral wedding Anniversary. I’ve had a lovely few days with friends and family and feel very blessed.

This is a snap of some seaweed on the beach at the bottom of my street. Ok, I have altered it in one of my i phone apps 100 Cameras in 1. I love the way you can take a simple shot and produce a totally different picture.