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I edited this shot of a canal bank with the Tiny Planets app followed by the ShockMyPic app. I love the perspective and wonder what could be at the end of the tunnel?

I posted the original photograph of this shuttered window in Park Guell on the 14th August. I have edited it in the Pix app to create the rainbow colours and then in the ShockMyPic app to create the shapes and movement. I love the silhouetted leaves which create a strong contrast across the top of the shot. Most of the painted patterns around the window have been lost, but enough remain to add to the overall composition of the picture. I think it looks as if the image is melting. What do you think? Let me know.

I took this shot of beautiful Agapanthus at the Zoo in Barcelona and have edited it with the ShockMyPic app. I love the shapes and stripes of colour the app has created.

I shot this Rose whilst strolling up the street on Sunday evening. We had had a torrential thunder storm and it was still glistening from the rain. I used the ShockMyPic app twice to create movement and texture. I love the depth of colour and velvety appearance of the rose petals.

Whilst watching TV this evening I was playing around with my phone apps and created this. I used Image Blender to combine a ShockMyPic Orchid with the Pebeo Prisme Heart that I had edited in TinyPlanets and I got this terrific abstract. Aren’t the colours fun? Let me know what you think.

The original shot wasn’t very sharp, but editing it 3 times in the ShockMyPic app has turned a so so photo into this riot of green foliage. The little pink flower is very special to me, as it’s called Herb Robert (Geraniun Robertianum) and is the very first wild flower name that I learnt as a tiny child. My dad was born and brought up in rural Gloucestershire and knew all the names of plants, trees and birds. He took me for long walks and said I used to name all the flowers from my pushchair, he was obviously a very good teacher. I miss him very much sometimes as he was a fantastic friend and I ¬†learnt so many things from this wonderful man.

I was playing around with my hollyhock painting again and after altering the colours in 100 Cameras I edited it in ShockMyPic twice and this is the result. I love the center of the seed head and the textured background. Hope you do too, let me know.

Didn’t this turn out a treat? I am thrilled with the result. I processed the shot 3 times in ShockMyPic and love the way it’s gossamer quality has been enhanced by the app. I wrote this verse to accompany the image.

The Dandelion sways gently

Patiently awaiting the childs excited breath &

Counted launch of her gossamer brood.