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As the lovely Linda commented recently- it’s not everyone who can boast that they have  “an illuminated hatch!” I bought several sets of lights over Christmas. This set of holographic lanterns was half price in Wilkinsons, so if Nigella can have lights in her kitchen , then so can I. I’ve moved two old wicker chairs from the bedrooms down to the kitchen and it’s now a cosy warm place to sit. I bought the lamp in Homebase at half price and the stickers on the wall were only £1.99  in B & M . So with the addition of some pussy willow from M & S and an orchid which has regrown a beautiful set of new flowers I think it looks quite stylish. Gosh I seem to be abbreviation crazy!!

24 February 2011

Posted: February 26, 2011 in 365 days
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I was so surprised when Gordon gave me a rose that I completely forgot these tiny little dishes that  I had found for him in Fezziwigs a couple of weeks ago. When I remembered  I lovingly kissed his hair and placed the small box which contained them on his chest ( he was listening to the radio in bed at the time.) His reply was less than romantic however and went something like this “Hmmmph, more’s the point, where have you put my protractors?”  I assured him lovingly that I had no knowledge of said protractors and that I would conduct a thorough search. Upon said search, no protractors were found in or around the house or environs! We had to go on a special protractor buying mission, Wilkinsons 21p each.