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Last week Gordon and I spent the week near Gloucester staying with my sister and brother-in-law. We went for a wonderful morning walk along the canal and met a family of swans that my sister feeds regularly. This is the female and she was very proud of her large family of 7 cygnets, she also wiggled her tail to show that she wanted more bread! I took the shot with my iPhone and edited it in the Art Camera app with the posterize effect. The water was sparkling in the sunshine and I love the colours in the water. Hope you like it too, let me know.

I’ve found a great app for framing your favourite photographs. I collected 3 of my favourite shots of this beautiful Japanese Lantern Hibiscus and inserted them into one of the many templates in the Layout app. You can choose from lots of layout templates, patterned frames, thickness of frame and also choose a colour found within your photo. I like the fact that you can also apply different effects within the app, move the picture around and also change the size of the image. I used the Halftone app in the largest photograph and changed the colours within the app.

What an unusual flower I photographed in the Butterfly Farm. It took quite a lot of searching but I finally found out that it is called the Mexican Butterfly Weed, I love the vibrant colours of the petals against the green leaves.

I think this is the best picture that I took at Butterfly World. I have discussed the various problems of iPad photography with my mate Linda and we have two major gripes. Firstly whilst out in bright light you can’t see the screen properly so you are in effect shooting blind and secondly you need three hands to take a shot and get it in focus. You need one hand to hold the iPad, one to press the button and another to touch the screen in the right place in order to focus. I now have a little tripod for my iPhone which I bought for 3 Euros at a street market in Barcelona and I also have a rotating stand for my iPad so will have to experiment with that to see if I can achieve better stability. This little chap is The Postman Butterfly- Heliconius Melpomene click this link for more info on Wikipedia.

I’m sorry but I am truly in love with the Toon Camera app! It just makes a photograph look wonderful, as if it’s been drawn for a comic book. I think it’s my go to app at the moment and I hope you like it as much as I do.

This vibrant red Hibiscus was one of the wonderful flowers we saw at Butterfly World last week. I took the shot with the native camera on the iPad.

I took a rather fuzzy photo of a Great Mormon butterfly recently and after playing with it in the 100 Cameras app to alter the colours and the Toon Camera app to bring back some definition and line, I am pleased with the photograph above. Don’t delete that not so perfect shot as you may be able to edit it in an app or two!

At Butterfly World there were lots of beautiful flowers to attract and feed the butterflies, this glorious white Hibiscus being one of them. I edited the shot in the Art Camera app and I really like the depth of colour and texture the app has created.

I love this shot of a Toco Toucan taken at Barcelona Zoo. I tried unsuccessfuly editing this photograph in several different apps until I finally added this circle of light in the SpacePaint app. I think it adds just the right amount of light to showcase this beautiful bird.

This is a Paper Kite butterfly which was edited in the Toon Camera app on my iPad. The original shot was taken at Butterfly World last week. For further information about the butterfly click on this Wikipedia link to find our more. I love the vibrant colours of the flowers and leaves.

On a very rainy day last Friday we went to visit Butterfly World at Yarm about 40 miles away. We were there for just over an hour and it was very reasonable to get in at only £3.75 a head. I used my ipad to take lots of photographs. This shot is of an Atlas Moth who had emerged that morning and was sitting on a branch waiting for the evening before taking it’s first flight. Here is the Wikipedia link if you would like to know more about this handsome moth who’s wing span can be as much as 10 inches. I love the beautiful patterns on the wings that looked so velvety in reality. If you have never visited a butterfly farm don’t miss out on this unexpected treat.

I took the original photograph of this Rhino at Barcelona Zoo. I tried editing it in so many apps I was beginning to give up hope that I would find an effect I thought enhanced the skin of this tough looking chap. Well, eventually I found the right app, it’s called Pix and the effect I used was Noise. I think it gives just the right amount of texture to the Rhino and the foreground and if you click on the shot you can see what I mean about the texture.

I posted the original photograph of this shuttered window in Park Guell on the 14th August. I have edited it in the Pix app to create the rainbow colours and then in the ShockMyPic app to create the shapes and movement. I love the silhouetted leaves which create a strong contrast across the top of the shot. Most of the painted patterns around the window have been lost, but enough remain to add to the overall composition of the picture. I think it looks as if the image is melting. What do you think? Let me know.

Doesn’t this photograph look like a William Morris print? I’m thrilled with the result of combining the uSketch app and the SpacePaint app together. The first app created the pale sketch and the second added the halo. I took the original shot in Park Guell in Barcelona where the shrubs were magnificent.

I took this shot of beautiful Agapanthus at the Zoo in Barcelona and have edited it with the ShockMyPic app. I love the shapes and stripes of colour the app has created.

In the middle of Park Guell there is a Gaudi Museum. We didn’t go inside but I did take a few photos of the outside with my i pad. I’m not a hundred percent certain but I think the blue flowering shrub is called Plumbago. The patterns surrounding the windows were beautifully painted and I love the contrast between the deep green of the leaves and the apricot painted walls.

I just love this shot of a wrought iron fence in Park Guell in Barcelona. The shapes look like palm tree fans to me. When I look at this photograph I remember a very warm afternoon of wandering around the Park and everywhere you looked there was something to delight the eye. The dappled shade highlights the intricate ironwork.

Whilst strolling around the  rabbit warren of streets and lanes surrounding La Ramblas in Barcelona we found several wonderful stationery shops. I asked if it was OK to take this shot with my ipad as I loved the rainbow effect.  It was obviously a trend as other shops had similar ideas. If you have never been to Barcelona expect to be surprised by the sheer diversity of the shops and there stylish displays.

This shot of the sunset over Barcelona was edited in the Mobile Monet app. I love the pattern surrounding the sun as it was setting and the reflection on the balcony surrounding the rooftop terrace.

I have blended two photographs today to create this image. The shot of the sunflowers was taken on La Ramblas and the shot of the patterned pavement was taken on the Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona. I combined them in the Blender app and really like the result. It makes the overall image become textured and works better than the originals by themselves.