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I decided to take a picture of myself to commemorate my birthday this year and to use it as my new Avatar. I wanted something in keeping with the photographs I post on the blog and this is the result. I posterised the shot with the Art Camera app and added some sparkle with the SpacePaint app, as I adore a bit of sparkle. I don’t think I look too bad for an old bird!! Especially if you stand a long way away from the screen with your eyes half shut!!!

Linda loves the beach and this morning we set off down the road to Tynemouth Long Sands. We sat on the sand and drank Chai Latte from a flask, ate Almond Thins biscuits, listened to music on the i Pad and painted and drew. I painted this little sketch in about 15 minutes and am really pleased with it. I haven’t really tried painting what I see outside before, so am keen to try it again… very soon.