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3 February 2012

Posted: February 6, 2012 in 365 days, Home, Nature, Shopping
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Jade insisted that we needed to go to IKEA this week. When we had driven over to Gateshead and were getting out of the car I enquired as to why we were there? The reply? ” For a hot dog and a look around!” Well, we had a good look around, a rummage in bargain corner, the requisite hot dog and bought this beautiful Narcissus called Bridal Crown which smells divine. Many moons ago when we were first married I worked for 9 months in a florists in Norwich. Not one of the happiest work experiences of my life but I loved this time of year when the shop was full of delicious springtime fragrances. Unfortunately is was my job to change the water in which the cut flowers stood….. one of the smelliest slimiest jobs in the world!