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I took this shot of white Agapanthus last summer at Tynemouth Station just down the road from where we live. The original Victorian canopy has been restored and re-glazed and creates some interesting angles to photograph. I have edited the image firstly with the Toon Camera app and finally with the Etchings app. The flowers were out of focus but adding the cartoon and etching lines has turned a so-so picture into something great. Well I think it is, hope you do to. Let me know.

After editing this shot in the Photo fx Extra app,  I changed the colours in the Filter Stamp Effects app. The background has my favourite colour turquoise and I love the complementary purple and orange that make this composition work so well.

I have used the Pencil Camera app with the Hipster Culture effect to create the rusty appearance of this tulip.

I love the rich colours of this crumpled looking rose which I have edited in the SuperPhoto app.

I used the Pencil Camera app and the Watercolour effect to edit this shot of grasses overlooking the sea. I really like the gentle colours and the shapes of the seed heads against the sky.

I was playing with the SuperPhoto app again and I edited a shot of a deep red rose in this alternative colourway. I really like the combination of lavender, rust and turquoise together.

I’m still having fun editing my photographs with the SuperPhoto app, I think this rose looks dreamy and romantic and reminds me of a watercolour painting.

I haven’t played  with the Tiny Planets app for a while and I used this shot originally edited in the Toon Camera app to get this fabulous effect. I like the spiral effect  and graduated colour in the sky.

I took this shot of the plant called Lantana Camara commonly called the Spanish Flag with my iPad on my visit to Butterfly World. I love the square shaped petal buds in the centers of the flowers. The butterflies obviously like it too.

I edited one of my favourite images this beautiful Hibiscus in the Pencil Camera app on the watercolour setting. I love all the faint lines that create the texture and how the app has applied a beautiful swathe of colour to the picture.

I was tidying up my desk this morning and found this brayered landscape hiding amongst all my papers so I thought I would post it today. I took the photo with my iPad. I used Adirondack dye ink for my background colours and Versafine ink to print the foliage and butterflies over the top. I finished off with a Gellyroll glaze pen and also a glue pen and added some glitter to catch the light. I always get a thrill when I create a picture on what was once a piece of plain white card.

I edited a shot of a Hydrangea in the SuperPhoto app and then brewed it in the Percolator app. I like the tiled effect that the Superphoto app has created.

I took this photo with my iPad at Butterfly World in Yarm. It’s of a Chrysalis Cupboard which I found fascinating, all those butterflies waiting to hatch and some which had already done so. It must be exciting to observe the new occupants everyday that are waiting to emerge into the world.

Having looked at this photo again the chrysalis seem to be very evenly spaced and were obviously collected from the plants they were attached too ……… so what do you reckon they used, SuperGlue or Silicone to stick them to the bamboo canes? Lol!

I edited this shot of a canal bank with the Tiny Planets app followed by the ShockMyPic app. I love the perspective and wonder what could be at the end of the tunnel?

I edited this shot of hydrangeas in the SuperPhoto app which has lots of effects, backgrounds and textures. Well you know I must like it because it’s my favourite colour!

I’ve found a great app for framing your favourite photographs. I collected 3 of my favourite shots of this beautiful Japanese Lantern Hibiscus and inserted them into one of the many templates in the Layout app. You can choose from lots of layout templates, patterned frames, thickness of frame and also choose a colour found within your photo. I like the fact that you can also apply different effects within the app, move the picture around and also change the size of the image. I used the Halftone app in the largest photograph and changed the colours within the app.

What an unusual flower I photographed in the Butterfly Farm. It took quite a lot of searching but I finally found out that it is called the Mexican Butterfly Weed, I love the vibrant colours of the petals against the green leaves.

I think this is the best picture that I took at Butterfly World. I have discussed the various problems of iPad photography with my mate Linda and we have two major gripes. Firstly whilst out in bright light you can’t see the screen properly so you are in effect shooting blind and secondly you need three hands to take a shot and get it in focus. You need one hand to hold the iPad, one to press the button and another to touch the screen in the right place in order to focus. I now have a little tripod for my iPhone which I bought for 3 Euros at a street market in Barcelona and I also have a rotating stand for my iPad so will have to experiment with that to see if I can achieve better stability. This little chap is The Postman Butterfly- Heliconius Melpomene click this link for more info on Wikipedia.

This vibrant red Hibiscus was one of the wonderful flowers we saw at Butterfly World last week. I took the shot with the native camera on the iPad.

I took a rather fuzzy photo of a Great Mormon butterfly recently and after playing with it in the 100 Cameras app to alter the colours and the Toon Camera app to bring back some definition and line, I am pleased with the photograph above. Don’t delete that not so perfect shot as you may be able to edit it in an app or two!