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My daughter Jade decided to make herself up as Regan from the Exorcist this evening. This involved mixing golden syrup, food colouring, coco powder and various other undisclosed items from my kitchen cupboards and she coloured the pieces of toilet paper she had stuck to her face with the secret formula  After she had thrown the contents of my glass of apple squash down the front of her nightie I drew the line when she asked for a tin of mushy processed peas!!! Wherever you are I hope you and yours are well and enjoying a great evening.

This shot taken with a red filter shows the Pebeo Copper Studio Acrylic paint which I used as a wash on our bedroom wall. Here, it was illuminated by the afternoon sun and the silk flowers are a stunning contrast to the metallic quality of the wall.  I love the shadows which are created by the lampshade and flowers which add depth to the composition.