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It’s all their fault !! Today, rather than meet in my studio for our regular Tuesday morning session I met up with the lovely Leigh & Ann and we had a smashing couple of hours together in Hexham. Girl Trip, Girl Trip ! I gave them a thorough guided tour of all the charity shops where I acquired a couple of Wedgewood casseroles circa 1960’s, a rather nice cassette storage rack that is going to store some of my ink pads, and a bear. Yes you heard right a bear. Now I needed a bear like I need a hole in my head but the aforementioned ladies persuaded me that I needed her. She is a Charlie Bear called Polly. I had seen them on QVC but had never cuddled one before. Big mistake. I fell instantly and completely in love with her as you can see by the soppy grin on my face!! I took this photo after my return home this afternoon where I sat in the sun on the sofa and enjoyed looking at my stash. This is my new hair cut and I have used a new colour called Stockholm by Preference I like it a lot. Whats going on with my left eye I haven’t a clue but I don’t normally look like that…. it must be the sunlight or bear fluff ! I’ve just checked on e-bay and my £2.99 casserole dish is probably worth £25!