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Whilst Kristy was creating her masterpiece I created this one. I used Pebeo Studio Acrylic and printed with my home made stamps with Pebeo Deco Touch. I painted my design with Gilding Paste and applied the Silver Leaves when it had gone clear ( it’s white when you apply it). I finished it by decortating with the Touch again. Touch is a dimensional paint and comes with a fine nozzle so that you can draw fine lines and dots very easily.

My daughter Kristy came to help me last weekend. She was my guinea pig for the time available for a workshop. It’s always best to try it out beforehand I think. She created this lovely background with Pebeo Studio Acrylic, painted on Gilding Paste and applied the Gold Leaves. We also printed with the acrylic paint using stamps I cut from Funky Foam and then decorated the whole thing with Pebeo Deco Touch. I think she did a splendid job, don’t you?