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4 February 2012

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It’s all Kristy’s fault…. the reason I’ve been MIA the last few days was Kristy’s recommendation that I should read these books. I devoured the first two in 24 hours, you know it’s a good book when you are still reading at 5am ! Anyway I finished the last in the trilogy today and thoroughly enjoyed them. I too would thoroughly recommend them. The first book The Hunger Games is being made into a motion picture so click on the link and it will take you to the official site. You have been warned these books are compulsive!

3 February 2012

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Jade insisted that we needed to go to IKEA this week. When we had driven over to Gateshead and were getting out of the car I enquired as to why we were there? The reply? ” For a hot dog and a look around!” Well, we had a good look around, a rummage in bargain corner, the requisite hot dog and bought this beautiful Narcissus called Bridal Crown which smells divine. Many moons ago when we were first married I worked for 9 months in a florists in Norwich. Not one of the happiest work experiences of my life but I loved this time of year when the shop was full of delicious springtime fragrances. Unfortunately is was my job to change the water in which the cut flowers stood….. one of the smelliest slimiest jobs in the world!

2 February 2012

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Just after Christmas Ladybird Cakes relocated their shop to the corner opposite where we live. Laura has some lovely things including this metal heart which is now hanging proudly on our stairs. I love the little door which opens so that a night light can be inserted. Don’t know whether I’m brave enough to light a naked flame above carpet but you never know!

All you need….. is an eraser and a set of lino tools and you too can carve your own stamps! No your eyes haven’t gone blurry I over printed in two colours to get this look. The good thing about erasers is that they have more than one side, so this one has a leafy thingy on one side and a seed head on the reverse. I would love to do some more but I can’t for the life of me remember where I put the others!

31 January 2012

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This background was originally created with acrylic paint and a credit card. I took several photos and this was the result of playing with the “100 Cameras in 1” app. I love the way it looks like painted glass.

30 January 2012

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Playing around with a photo app on my i phone called “Picture Magic”, I applied the oil paint effect followed by the ice effect. It looks like I painted it, I wish I had!!

29 January 2012

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I’d like to introduce you to my favourite crystal. Gordon and I were pottering around the shops in Whitby a couple of years ago when I spotted this treasure. We were on our way back to the car when I asked if we could go back for another look and wonderful man that he is, Gordon bought it for my birthday. It’s traveled all over the place with me and even comes to bed  where it heats up like a hot water bottle. It’s about the size of my hand, polished and each time I look at I see something different.

28 January 2012

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I realised today that I hadn’t reported whether the new cooker had been fitted. Well it has and is doing a fantastic job. These are the cheese scones that Jade and I made today.  I think we had got used to everything being burnt on the outside and slightly raw on the inside, now everything is just right. I sound just like Goldilocks!!!!  Obviously these scones are appealing to you all so here is the link to the recipe Buttermilk Scones with Cheshire Cheese and Chives.   I used a combination of Red Leicester and Mild Cheddar and also dried chives instead of fresh ones, I’ve also left the chives out entirely and they still taste fine. I doubled up the quantity of ingredients and it made 10 large luscious scones. Let me know how yours turn out.

27 January 2012

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I was obviously on a roll playing with the ” 100 Cameras in 1 ” app. This was one of the many photos I took of my Valentines rose last year, it almost looks like a poster.

26 January 2012

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Whilst wandering around the house looking for things to photograph, I took a photo of a glass dish that I have had for years. After playing around with the ” 100 Cameras in 1 ” app this is how it looks. The real dish is clear colourless glass but as you can see has a beautiful pattern. Look around your home and perhaps you will see your treasured possessions in a new way.

25 January 2012

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I really love this shot of my bedroom wall in the sunshine. It shows the copper acrylic paint wash to perfection. The artificial flowers look almost real in the suns glow.

24 January 2012

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This photo was altered in an i phone app called  ” 100 Cameras in 1 “. I altered it several  times with different effects, one on top of another. What was a simple shot of a winter tree becomes an abstract kaleidoscope of colour.

23 January 2012

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Today I am featuring the last close up of the altered painting. I’ve been living with it for the last fortnight and it’s still not gracing the wall. In fact there is an increasingly large number of pictures stacked against walls etc waiting for me to get my act together and hang them all. When I had finished all the painting and outlining with dimensional paint the word ” forever ” didn’t show up very well, so out came the chalks and my finger and now the word is more visible. The bottom right hand heart was stenciled with white acrylic firstly, but it didn’t look right. The addition of some pinky red paint did the trick and I am really pleased with the result. Now, if I could just remember where I put the hammer……….

22 January 2012

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Believe it or not this is a poppy. It looks more like a geranium I think. You can see the leaf just below and it has that distinctive edge of a poppy leaf, I’m sure that the packet must have had the word “Oriental” in the description.

21 January 2012

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I took this photo of Tynemouth Longsands last year with the Hipstamatic app. I like the way the sky and sand are enhanced by the glorious colours. When a beautiful beach is at the end of your street it is often easy to take it for granted. Over the last few months I have taken to returning home via the sea front, if its a lovely day I open the windows to let in the ozone. At night I love to see the moon on the water and on windy days the white horses racing to the shore.

20 January 2012

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This photo was taken last year with my i phone. I love the rich colours of the freesia and alstroemeria. Alstroemeria is also known as the peruvian lily and lasts at least two weeks as a cut flower.

As the lovely Linda commented recently- it’s not everyone who can boast that they have  “an illuminated hatch!” I bought several sets of lights over Christmas. This set of holographic lanterns was half price in Wilkinsons, so if Nigella can have lights in her kitchen , then so can I. I’ve moved two old wicker chairs from the bedrooms down to the kitchen and it’s now a cosy warm place to sit. I bought the lamp in Homebase at half price and the stickers on the wall were only £1.99  in B & M . So with the addition of some pussy willow from M & S and an orchid which has regrown a beautiful set of new flowers I think it looks quite stylish. Gosh I seem to be abbreviation crazy!!

18 January 2012

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Here is another close up of my altered painting. All my students  have been very complementary about the finishing touches I have used to enhance it. I love the stenciled hearts the most I think, I did contemplate stenciling all of them but decided against it….. I’m glad I did.

17 January 2012

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There must be something about January and cushions, last January I re-organised the cushions in the lounge, but this year I wanted a richer look……. so on Sunday Kristy and I went to Hobart Rose Factory shop and bought the chocolate, burgundy and turquoise sequined cushions. I’m really pleased with the result and can confirm that they are very comfy, I sat and enjoyed a magazine from cover to cover yesterday afternoon in the lap of luxury.

16 January 2012

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What a difference a day makes. Here is my brand new cooker……. unfortunately because my cooker switch is above the cooker and not to it’s right hand side the fitter refused to fit it!!!! Guess who is having microwaved curry and packet rice for supper??? Obviously the appliance of science didn’t apply in this situation (it’s a Zanussi Cooker) ! ! ! A nice man is coming at 8.30 tomorrow morning to fit it for us. I’ll keep you posted……