Beech Leaf Drawings – 7 September 2012

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Art, Design, i Phone, Nature, Photography
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A while ago I was looking through an old portfolio of my drawings when I came across a large sheet of studies of a beech leaf and seed case. Whilst at college we were asked to draw the same image in as many ways as we could and to vary the viewpoint. The paper was rather battered and the edges had seen better days, so with a good pair of decoupage scissors I painstakingly cut around all the drawings. Then I put a variegated watercolour wash on the page and stuck the drawings into the large sketchbook that the lovely Linda had gifted and decorated for me. I think I like the new arrangement of images and also the variety of medium I used to draw with.

Have a great weekend. Love and light Sue x

  1. Lovely drawings, Sue! [BTW great idea what you did with them …cutting round images used to be my nightmare!]
    You too have a wonderful weekend!

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