An Hour in the Life of A Starfish – 28 June 2012

Posted: June 28, 2012 in i Pad, Nature, Photography
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Linda and I waited all day to visit the beach and take photos with our i pad’s ( Squeal ……. yes we are i pad twin’s now)  as it has been raining again. As we walked onto the beach in the direction of the rockpools Linda noticed a stranded starfish.

He looked very unhappy and we decided he needed to be put in a rockpool. Linda tried nudging him with a piece of seaweed but he flipped over and she gently carried him the rest of the way.

Doesn’t he look better, his tentacles have started unfurling nicely. We scrambled over the rocks taking lots of  lovely photos and then I popped back to see how he was feeling.

He was obviously feeling more mischievous as he was playing hide and seek. Before leaving the beach we stopped by to say goodbye and found him like this…….

He looks totally relaxed and chilled out. Perhaps we should all take a lesson from this little chap and learn to relax and wait for the next tide!


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