30 May 2012 – Exotic Blue Flower

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Flowers, i Pad, i Phone, Me, Nature, Photography
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A couple of years ago my lovely husband returned from a long walk with a pretty awful photo of an “Exotic Blue Flower” he had seen. The shot was so bad I couldn’t see what it was. I’m pretty good at identifying plants thanks to dad’s tuition and was totally baffled. Gordon suggested we take a drive as it was 5 miles away and so we set off on a trip to find his flower. It was   quite a walk to the spot and when we got there I was laughing hysterically when I realised we had come to visit some blue nylon string embedded in an old tree trunk ! The string had obviously been used to position the log and then trimmed off after it was in the right place. When Jade and I went for our walk in the rain we stopped off to see our old friend the exotic blue flower which was still in full bloom 2 years later!

  1. Oh Sue, that is hysterical!

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