27 May 2012 – ShockMyPic Herb Robert

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Art, Design, Flowers, i Pad, i Phone, Me, Nature, Photography
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The original shot wasn’t very sharp, but editing it 3 times in the ShockMyPic app has turned a so so photo into this riot of green foliage. The little pink flower is very special to me, as it’s called Herb Robert (Geraniun Robertianum) and is the very first wild flower name that I learnt as a tiny child. My dad was born and brought up in rural Gloucestershire and knew all the names of plants, trees and birds. He took me for long walks and said I used to name all the flowers from my pushchair, he was obviously a very good teacher. I miss him very much sometimes as he was a fantastic friend and I  learnt so many things from this wonderful man.

  1. Jayne West says:

    Hello Auntie Sue (!) Everyone stills says to me when we go out for walks, “how do you know the names of all the plants?” I’m always very proud to say because my Grandad taught me when I was growing up! The first one I remember was birdsfoot trefoil – bacon and eggs 🙂 No-one else ever has a clue, I think it’s really sad. I tell the boys and try to get them interested, but it goes over their heads. I’ll have to try again when I’ve got grandkids!!!! Loving all the pics.

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