5 May 2012 – Flower Head Etching

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Art, Design, Flowers, Me, Nature, Photography
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This is an etching I made more years ago than I care to remember! It was a fantasy flower influenced by studying biology combined with my fascination with fine line drawing. I do remember that making an etching plate in the shape of a flower took me endless hours of eating the plate away with acid and then filing it smooth so that it wouldn’t tear the paper when it was printed. After working the ink into the fine lines etched into the plate I applied a pink layer of ink to the flat plate before printing. I was very proud of the result at the time and I still am, all those years later.

  1. Sue – That is beautiful!!! You should be proud! Oh, it’s gorgeous. Thank you for showing us.

    • sueamour says:

      I didn’t make many prints but those I still have I treasure. I have one framed above my computer where I am typing this, It doesn’t have a layer of ink like this one does but I love them both for different reasons. Sue x

      • I love my art for different reasons too, isn’t that interesting? Once I even framed a “mistake” (something not quite right on a nude at her shoulder) just because I loved it and was proud of my effort.

        • sueamour says:

          So you should be. I didn’t appreciate how well I could draw at the time and am now trying to get back into the habit. I was taking daily medication to prevent migraine until January and didn’t realise until I stopped taking it how much it dulled my creativity. Since I stopped I have produced more photos, finished work and drawing than I have in years. Sue x

        • I’m glad you’re not taking it any longer. It’s far better to create, I say! 🙂

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