17 March 2012 – Spaniel Drawing

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Art, Me, Nature
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This photo of a Spaniel was a commission for the landlord of our local pub when we lived in Norfolk. I drew him from a photograph and this is the photocopy I made to record him for posterity. My client was thrilled with it and said it looked just like him. I’d like to think that I’ve captured some of his personality. Wish I could remember his name….. Would you like me to draw your dogs portrait? Let me know.

  1. stempelwolfinge says:

    I used to have a dog like this. Your drawing brings back happy memories. It was such a character that dog. Very bright dog. But whenever he had done something he wasnt supposed to, he would give me those big eyes and droopy ears. As if he was saying “what you’re talking about? I didnt do nothing”. Knew he could make me melt, that one.

  2. sueamour says:

    So glad it reminded you of happy times. We have a “Staffy” and she just has to look at you and you would give her anything!

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