8 February 2012

Posted: February 8, 2012 in 365 days, Home, Nature
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I have always wanted a Stephanotis plant since working in the florists way back when and our local Morrisons store had them for sale a few weeks ago. This one has been gracing the shelf in our bathroom since then. The lovely Linda has one too, she found hers on Skipton market last year when I popped down to visit her one day last year and we had a lovely girly day out together. The smell is truly heavenly. I can quite understand why they are sometimes used in bridal bouquets.

  1. 1inthehoose says:

    Ahh, yes. I had this in my bouquet. It was in the days before you could buy any fresh item at any time of the year and I remember I was disappointed that I couldn’t have gypsophelia. However, the stephanotis looked beautiful, had a gorgeous perfume and the meaning of it was something like marital bliss or happiness, or something similar. Your lovely photo has brought back memories of a happy day with my new husband and our friends and family. The power of a picture!

    • sueamour says:

      Oh, I am glad it caused you to remember such a happy day. I had the flu a few days before I got married and wasn’t able to smell the Lily of the Valley or double cream Freesias or Cream Roses I had in mine. Still they did looked beautiful and I pressed some of the flowers. Not very successfully though.

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