22 January 2011

Posted: January 22, 2011 in 365 days
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This afternoon after a speedy lunch in the cafe across the road, accompanied by my lovely friends Leigh and Ann we made our own vision boards. We were facilitated by a wonderful lady called Melina Di Santo www.melinadisanto.com who, via Skype held this brilliant workshop. The process took 4 hours,  included meditations and was a blissful experience. We are all thrilled with our boards and I can truly recommend her to anyone who would like to produce their own board. Melina takes you gently through the process and culminates the experience by activating your inner dreams and desires which are clearly expressed so graphically before you. We had fun, laughter, tears and a big pile of discarded magazine pages!   Why not make your dreams a reality and get in touch with her yourself. I’m sure she would love to hear from you.

  1. this is fab I love It. Hope all your desires come true.

    • sueamour says:

      It’s over a year now since making my vision board and quite a few of my dreams have come true. I’ve spent time in my studio with friends and students. Gordon and I have travelled together. I’ve read plenty of books, and slept quite a lot as well. My collections of ornamental birds and hearts has grown. I started to go to the gym and took some Yoga and Zumba classes .I walked on the beach and took photographs of light sparkling on water. I enjoyed the flickering flames of candles most days and ate quite a few figs. I played with paint and had several massages and spa treatments. I experience the love of a good husband, my beautiful daughters and treasured friends. My home is indeed sweet and I have had many flowers to smell and inspire me. There are still several things I would like to come true, but when it was created the lovely Melina said that it can take a while for them to manifest. I love looking at the vision board and it still has pride of place, it’s also my home screen on my phone and on my computer. Perhaps it’s time to make another??

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